Strategic sustainability programme – update for 2020


Responsible corporate management

Strategic target Operationalised targets Deadline
Strategically manage sustainability activities Concept for incorporating the recommendations of the TCFD* into Group reporting End of 2020
Make carbon footprint quantifiable via upstream and downstream supply chains to refine the investment strategy for the achievement of the climate protection goals 2021
Add energy efficiency criteria to the portfolio management system 2020
Digitise and optimise processes throughout the company to safeguard competitiveness Annually
Embed Deutsche Wohnen’s sustainability philosophy more strongly in the minds of business partners and suppliers Work predominantly with regional suppliers and business partners Annually
Pay greater attention to ecological aspects in conjunction with procurement in the supply chain Annually
Expand stakeholder dialogue Expand sustainability issues in stakeholder communications Annually
Conduct regular stakeholder surveys on sustainability activities and requirements 2021
Establish new dialogue formats with political office-holders and opinion leaders at national, state and local level and maintain continuous dialogue with local community players 2020
* Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures.

Responsibility for our customers and properties

Strategic target Operationalised targets Deadline
High level of customer satisfaction Conduct regular, systematic tenant surveys Annually
Shorten time taken to respond to and process tenant enquiries by means of process optimisations and ongoing development of tenant dialogue formats 2021
Sensitise tenants to and educate them about resource-conserving behaviour and cleanliness in their district 2020
Implement smart home solutions to enhance safety, security and service Annually
Portfolio meets good, up-to-date, future-proof quality criteria, thereby exceeding the industry standard long-term Annual portfolio investments of approximately EUR 300 million in refurbishing holdings 2020
Investments of around EUR 1 million in the area of smart buildings for digital access doors 2020
Create new, certified districts in conurbations Investment programme to create new districts for up to 10,000 customers in compliance with recognised sustainability certification systems (NaWoh or DGNB) 2025

Responsibility for our employees

Strategic target Operationalised targets Deadline
Enhance the attractiveness of the employer brand On the kununu rating platform, Deutsche Wohnen ranks among the top three employers that are private or municipal housing companies (based on score) 2021
The majority of staff members (> 70%) are satisfied with Deutsche Wohnen as their employer 2021
Employee-initiated terminations remain at a consistently low level (< 7%) 2020
More than 50% of the workforce makes use of the option of working from home and uses the digital workplace for communicating and collaborating 2020
Ensure there is no discrimination Comply with code of conduct Annually
Appoint women to at least 40% of executive positions within the Deutsche Wohnen Group Annually

Responsibility for the environment and the climate

Strategic target Operationalised targets Deadline
Maintain commitment to saving 20,000 t of CO2 emissions a year Combination of measures to permanently avoid CO2 emissions (sourcing green power, operating PV systems/CHP plants) Annually
Save 20,000 t of CO2 emissions annually from 2022 onwards Complete energy-related refurbishment of holdings to save a total of 15,000 t of CO2 (annually) 2022
Gradually switch energy sources and replace outdated heat generation plants by transitioning to modern systems to save a total of 5,000 t of CO2 (annually) 2021
Promote climate-friendly mobility Systematic migration of the company car fleet to alternative drives 2024
Development of a concept to promote individual mobility in the districts 2020
“Mobility policy” introduced throughout Germany to promote the use of public transport for travelling to work and for work trips. The aim is to gradually increase the proportion of employees travelling to work on public transport. (As at December 2019: ~ 25%) 2020

Responsibility towards society

Strategic target Operationalised targets Deadline
Expand, continue and structure corporate social responsibility activities Implement a guideline for social and cultural activities 2021
Draft a concept for taking issues of building culture into account more strongly when completing 2020
Commit to supporting youth sport by 2023
Promote a vibrant neighbourhood structure 25% of new apartment lettings will be to tenants entitled to a certificate of eligibility for social housing Annually
Promote small business use within the portfolio Annually
Establish links to social agencies within the districts Annually
Deliver on the promise to the tenants relating to the hardship clause in the case of rent increases (following modernisation measures and rent index adjustments) Annually

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