Coronavirus relief fund

Coronavirus relief fund provides support in difficult situations

We take the individual incomes and circumstances into account for our tenants who are in need of assistance. In the reporting year we set up a coronavirus aid fund of EUR 30 million to support tenants, business partners and service providers in financial distress as a result of the pandemic. Applications for funding can be made quickly and easily.


EUR 30 million in coronavirus relief fund for tenants, business partners and service providers

For the duration of the coronavirus pandemic we are not enforcing rents or terminating contracts for tenants with payment difficulties, nor are we increasing rents. As commercial tenants in particular can quickly get into financial difficulties when shops, restaurants and hotels have to close, we were especially conscientious here.

Around 1,000 tenants have asked Deutsche Wohnen to defer their rent as a result of the COVID‑19 pandemic to date. In addition to suspending rents, the relief fund is also used for social causes. We will keep the fund going for as long as the coronavirus pandemic continues and affects our tenants. We expect to make further payments from the fund in the current financial year, particularly to support tenants, business partners and service providers who do not receive adequate assistance from the government‑funded programmes.

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