Traineeship and dual courses of study to start working life

To succeed as a company, we need well‑qualified, motivated employees who share our values and put them into practice in their day‑to‑day work. We want to fill key positions at our firm with in‑house experts and retain top performers over the long term.

Early integration of new talents

In‑house training is the main method used to develop junior professionals. We have reorganised the structure of traineeships within the company in the young talents segment. The focus here continues to be on real estate agents; however, we are also examining whether new traineeships can be included in the Deutsche Wohnen portfolio, in the IT area, for example, or as dual study courses.

In 2020, we also started supporting the distance‑learning course for a Bachelor of Arts Real Estate at the European Academy for Residential and Property Management (EBZ). In 2020, Deutsche Wohnen employed 56 trainees and 13 students on dual courses. This represents a more than two‑fold increase in training capacities. A permanent job offer was made to all the trainees and students on dual courses who obtained their qualifications in the reporting year; of these, two trainees did not accept for personal reasons. With 15 out of 17 individuals accepting the offer of a permanent contract, this represents a success rate of 88 % for the reporting year.

88 % of trainees and BA students offered a permanent contact upon completion of course

Young-Talent to go

In 2020, we carried out a three‑day seminar entitled Young Talent to go as part of the onboarding process for our new trainee and BA students. The aim is to ensure they have the best possible start in the company, strengthen team spirit and help them identify with Deutsche Wohnen as a training company. This was done primarily by introducing them to the workplace and conveying our employer values to them.

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