Encouraging work-life-balance and family-friendly working conditions

Family‑friendly working environment

Qualified and motivated employees are crucial for our company’s success. We thus want to be a preferred and modern employer in the eyes of both our employees and potential new recruits. We believe that the ability to combine work and private life and the creation of a family‑friendly working environment are key success factors for a modern, socially responsible employer. As part of our sustainability programme we have already set concrete targets for their implementation: more than 50 % of the workforce should make use of the opportunity to work from home and use the digital workplace to communicate and collaborate with colleagues.

Challenges and support

We made further substantial progress with the topic of a digital workplace in the reporting year. Digital infrastructure at Deutsche Wohnen is now based on a threepronged system. It consists of the redesigned intranet, a system for working together in a virtual meeting room and a social network.

The topics of work‑life‑balance and family‑friendly working conditions are evaluated in the course of our regular staff surveys and structured performance reviews. The unusual situation in the reporting year meant that instead of a full staff survey, we carried out a rapid survey of the current situation and working from home in the second quarter. The feedback on communication and cooperation was positive.

Around 76 % of those surveyed said they were coping well or very well with the current situation in their everyday work.

In 2020, approximately 89 % of our staff members made use of this opportunity and spent a total of around 45,000 days working from home (2019: around 4,000 days). This is almost twice the figure for the previous year, which is largely due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

89 % of staff working from home in COVID year

To increase our attractiveness as an employer in terms of work‑life balance we are introducing flexible working hours on the basis of long‑term accounts, which go beyond what is required by law. The aim is to accommodate individual needs at different times of life.

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