Swift, straightforward and above all: nearby

Residential life is something very personal. It is therefore understandable that tenants might wish to have a personal point of contact nearby who is familiar with their district and can attend to things quickly.

This desire was highlighted not only by the tenant survey conducted in 2017. It has also been confirmed by the experience of caretaker Sebastian Maaß in the Falkenhagener Feld district: “Many of the residents are glad that they can talk to me or call me briefly and that I will then attend to whatever their issue is.” He is a key figure in our Your Caretaker on the Estate pilot project, which originated from the 2017 tenant survey. This project is first and foremost about increasing the number of caretakers in order to make more contact people available while additionally boosting security and cleanliness. In addition to the pilot project in Falkenhagener Feld, there are now around 250 employees who check the work of the service providers in the districts using digital checklists soon after it is completed and who can document any shortcomings immediately on a tablet. Examples include the lawn not having been mowed or a stairwell not having been thoroughly cleaned. The caretakers also pay extra attention to the cleanliness of the bin areas and outdoor areas. Plus, the Your Caretaker on the Estate pilot project with Sebastian Maaß and his co-workers has been a success. Consequently, there are plans for there to be more caretakers at all of Deutsche Wohnen’s Berlin districts, based on the local needs in each case.

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