Needs-based residential nursing facilities

We create solutions and services to cater for the rising demand caused by demographic change and many people’s greater need for care. For example, the Deutsche Wohnen portfolio includes 77 nursing properties with a total of approximately 10,580 beds and apartments for assisted living. Our properties have a networked range of services, offering both high‑quality, full in‑patient care and assisted living with an extensive range of services tailored to the elderly. This puts Deutsche Wohnen among the top five owners of nursing properties in Germany.

In addition to the COVID‑19 pandemic, demographic change is particularly challenging for the labour market nationwide in the nursing care sector. On the one hand, people are living ever longer in Germany and requiring more nursing care. On the other, there are not enough people joining the profession, while older employees are retiring. There is already a shortage of some 120,000 carers in old people’s homes.


120,000 additional carers are needed in old people’s homes

Our aim is therefore to offer the carers an attractive workplace with fair pay and in so doing further strengthen their loyalty to the company. At the same time, we try to get people interested in working in care professions and to expand our vocational training in order to retain future qualified staff. The traineeship ratio came to around 6% in the reporting year, which is in line with the average for the sector. The percentage of qualified nursing staff and of unfilled vacancies (10–15%) at Deutsche Wohnen is currently comparatively good. This is primarily thanks to intelligent, web‑based recruiting activities and the positive image of our two business platforms as employers, as well as to the good performance of our recommendation programme, Employees Find Employees.

6% traineeship ratio in Nursing segment at Deutsche Wohnen

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