Dialogue with our tenants

Our promise to our tenants

For Deutsche Wohnen, letting flats means taking on responsibility. We also express our responsibility for fair housing conditions for our customers in our voluntary commitment, Our promise to our tenants. In this way, we are shifting the focus to our tenants’ individual income and living conditions and are also capping rent increases in cases of hardship. We also let at least one in four apartments in the new lettings process to tenants who are entitled to a certificate of eligibility for social housing as a means of limiting the consequences of gentrification and maintaining a diverse social mix at our holdings. This is why Deutsche Wohnen is a reliable partner in helping to overcome the major challenges facing the residential sector, namely urbanisation, climate change and demographic change. All of these affect companies and society in equal measure.

Central customer service

In 2020 we also introduced the Central Customer Service function to reduce the time it takes to deal with requests and make it easier to offer a personal service. Experience gained here is used to optimise other operating processes. This includes making communication with tenants faster and more transparent, in line with the feedback from our tenant surveys.

It also relieves pressure on our decentralised offices and enables them to provide those customer services that call for individual support and special knowledge of the local area and conditions. Over 70% of our employees work in residential property management, letting, tenant services and contract management.

Over 70% of our employees work in residential property management, letting, tenant services and contract management

Latest tenant survey

We are keen to continuously learn more about the satisfaction of our approximately 300,000 tenants. We therefore already conduct and will continue to conduct regular, targeted surveys regarding specific issues. The results are used in workshops to generate ideas for improvements in the operating areas.

Deutsche Wohnen started its annual tenant survey in the third quarter of 2020. Letters were sent to some 31,000 households asking about topics such as satisfaction with the apartment, customer service and rental costs. A participation rate of 33% for the survey was roughly as high as the previous year (2019: 36%). Customer satisfaction rose again in many areas, by an average of 2.8 percentage points. Satisfaction with Deutsche Wohnen as a company went up year on year from 78% to 82%.

Deutsche Wohnen made a donation of one euro for every survey completed and returned. This generated a total of EUR 10,000, which went to the campaign #sicherheim, an initiative to raise awareness of the increased risk of domestic violence during the COVID‑19 pandemic. Deutsche Wohnen is an official partner of the campaign.

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