In with the new

There is a shortage of housing in Germany – in many regions and locations. We help to create new housing that meets people’s needs and is sustainable. We contribute to the design of tomorrow’s neighbourhoods and towns – for lively, modern communities.  In 2019 we again made good progress on our journey:

Smart estate by the water

The first tenants will be moving into the Lindenau district of Leipzig in spring 2020. The topping­ out ceremony for the new building with 44 apart­ments at Lindenau Docks took place in autumn 2019. Deutsche Wohnen used the rating system “Sustainable Housing” as a guide when planning the apartments. This recognised certification system comprises a wide range of ecological, economic and social criteria. In addition, the new buildings will be the first in the Deutsche Wohnen portfolio to manage without any keys at all, because the KIWI electronic access system is installed throughout. Radiators and shutters can also be operated in the apartment or by smart­phone app using the smart home control centre MiA – short for “My intelligent Assistant”.

Respect for history

Within walking distance of the Zwinger and the Semper Opera House a new residential block is being built that will change the character of the city: the Schützengarten. This involved the demo­lition in 2019 of two office blocks and a canteen formerly used by VEB Energiebau Radebeul, as well as the underground bunkers beneath them. The time capsule buried when the foundations were laid was recovered exactly 40 years later. Unfortunately its contents were severely dam­aged by water. So instead, the recent history of the site, including memories of the time capsule itself, was revisited in a discussion with eyewitnesses in the Volkshaus Dresden. As further documentation of the site’s history going back to the Middle Ages, Deutsche Wohnen also com­missioned a historical study of the plot. The plans for the new buildings were based on the original street layout and the structural dimen­sions of the 19th century buildings destroyed in the war. Work on the foundations is due to start in autumn 2020. The first of the 479 apartments should be ready to receive tenants by 2022.

A new urban district outside Potsdam

The housing market in Potsdam is as tight as in Berlin. In cooperation with the Brandenburg capi­tal and ProPotsdam, Deutsche Wohnen is build­ing 1,400 sustainable apartments on the former barracks in Krampnitz over the next few years, as part of a new town district. Some 10,000 people will live and work here in future, in a mixture of new buildings, listed old buildings and the natural environment. Potsdam town council is currently preparing the infrastructure concept, because the new neighbourhood on the edge of the town is intended to have as few cars as possible.

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