High, higher, 40 meters high

As one of the biggest landlords in Berlin we are committed to a lively community culture and provide support for urban art. This engagement is visible all over the city in the form of murals. These enormous wall paintings can be seen on some of the houses belonging to Deutsche Wohnen. The highlight of our collaboration with the urban art scene was the Berlin Mural Festival 2019.

The Berlin Mural Festival was launched in 2018 by the association Berlin Art Bang and the group of artists known as Die Dixons, who Deutsche Wohnen has worked with since. In 2019 they again invited the most respected international urban artists to the German capital to create their works. This time Deutsche Wohnen spon­sored the project and provided the façades for the murals. For us it was important to include neighbourhoods outside the city centre, too.

Die Dixons supported the idea of choosing three locations in Marzahn and four in Hellersdorf, as well as Kreuzberg. The gigantic walls of the pre­fabricated high-­rise buildings are ideal for large­scale murals, and the aim was also to draw peo­ple’s attention a bit more towards the boroughs on the periphery. It was a success: the festival brought many people to Marzahn­-Hellersdorf who may otherwise not have come here at all. Many positive impressions from these districts of Berlin were shared on social media around the world. But what do the tenants say about the art on the walls of their houses? “With one exception we really only had positive feedback from our ten­ ants. One old gentleman even asked in jest if we couldn’t get them to paint the walls in his flat, too”, says Petra Besch, Head of Tenant Support at Deutsche Wohnen in the Hellersdorfer Prom­enade office.

The Berlin Mural Festival 2019

  • 20

    artists and assistants
    worked on wall paintings.

  • 14

    took their work.

  • 10

    were provided by Deutsche Wohnen.

  • 4,000

    square metres
    were painted by the artists Victor Ash, Boogie, MadC, Die Dixons & Oliver Latta, Adry del Rocio, Akut, Okuda San Miguel, SmugOne, PichiAvo, and Aryz.

  • 1,250

    cans of spray paint
    and eight pallets of wall paint were used.

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