Live more intelligently and more sustainably

Digitalisation, networking and artificial intelligence are global trends that will also change the world of housing. They will affect many areas of the home and household, and many different functions. The name we have given this smart housing is easy to remember: MiA – My intelligent Assistant.

Developed by IOLITE IQ GmbH – a joint venture between Deutsche Wohnen and a spin­off of Berlin Technical University – MiA acts as a digital intermediary in the form of a tablet, which can control a wide range of specific applications within the building. It enables residents to set their heating individually, for example, using a display in the apartment or a mobile app. And that is just one of many possible functions. The lighting and electric shutters can also be controlled digitally, and the metering data for heat­ing and water consumption can be transferred wirelessly, without the need for the tenant to be at home.

What makes it all possible is the intelligent house, which enables new services and at the same time ensures that housing is not only much more comfortable, but also more energy­-efficient.

The intelligent house not only makes standard functions more efficient and provides added services, however; it also assists facility managers, caretakers and service providers by making important data from technical installations, such as the lift, or damage reports, available in digital form.

With the intelligent house we have devised a concept that can be implemented very flexibly, because it is based on a modular system: from the charging station for electric cars, smart interphones, access control and digital metering solu­tions – all the system components work together smoothly. The networking of multiple functions is possible, but not obligatory.

Modules like MiA, keyless digital access sys­tems or smart metering are already installed in some of our properties today, and help to put the intelligent house into practice, step by step.

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