Do you live well? We asked people

“We are pleased that as part of the public debate in recent months we can now hear the opinion of the people that matter in particular: our tenants. The result of the survey shows that our tenants think they are in good hands with us. That is very good news.” This was how Lars Urbansky, Management Board member of Deutsche Wohnen SE, summed up the tenant survey.

Most of the tenants – 78% to be exact – are satisfied or even very satisfied with Deutsche Wohnen as a landlord.

An even higher share of more than 87% are satisfied with their own apartment. This is another increase over the results of the 2017 survey. Back then the figure was 81%.

In this context our tenants are also very posi­tive about relations with their neighbours. Then there is the friendliness of our employees and tradespeople. Satisfaction here is about 90% in both cases.

The high participation rate of 36% is a posi­tive signal and encourages us to keep developing our tenant survey.

In addition to the positive feedback we re­ceived suggestions for improvements, especially in two areas. One is that our tenants think our response times for answering their enquiries and carrying out repairs are too long. The other is that in their opinion the level of cleanliness on the estates could be higher. Both comments have been noted: customer services were centralised at the start of 2020 in order to speed up the individual stages of the response process. The digital customer portal is also being expanded to improve the service.

To improve the tidiness and cleanliness of the Deutsche Wohnen properties the number of caretakers has already been increased to 300 at our wholly owned subsidiary FACILITA Berlin GmbH. This means the people on-­site have more time – also to ensure the place is even cleaner.

In future the tenant survey will be conducted every year and additionally for particular reasons, such as when modernisation work is being carried out. “Following up on our Berlin Dialogue, a pro­cess of continuous exchange with our tenants is a prerequisite for us to keep improving. Our aim is for every tenant of Deutsche Wohnen to feel they are treated well and fairly”, emphasises Lars Urbansky.

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