Our promise to our tenants

Words are sometimes just words – and sometimes they are much more. When they are a promise, for instance. That applies to the promise we made to our tenants in July 2019 and published as a concrete contribution to the discussion about tensions on the housing market.

We also consider the tenant promise to be a clear alternative to regulation across the board. With this voluntary commitment we are making a concrete and highly practical contribution to improving the tight situation on the housing market, and at the same time are maintaining the investment capacities that are so urgently required. And our help especially goes to those tenants who have more difficulties on the rental market than others. According to this, in 2019 we cut the rent increases completely or in part in 700 cases of hardship. We further allocated 25% of our residential units to tenants who are entitled to a certificate of eligibility to live in social housing.


No tenant will have to give up their apartment because of modernisation.


No tenant will have to give up their apartment because of rent increases.


For new letting we will let one in four apartments to tenants entitled to social housing.


As part of the urban community we provide several million euros a year to sponsor social and non-profit projects for diverse and lively neighbourhoods.


We want to make significant investments in new building to alleviate the housing shortage.

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