We’re linking the past with the future

Isaria München and QUARTERBACK are both synonymous with developing high-quality new construction projects. Michael Zahn, Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Wohnen, visited projects in Munich, Dachau and Frankfurt to see for himself.

In the past year, you took a look at some of the new construction projects in southern Germany. What did you make of them?

I discovered some outstanding and incredibly impressive projects. Such as the neighbourhood that’s emerging in Dachau on-the site of the former paper company, and the HOFMARK district near the Olympiapark in Munich. But the key thing for me was how good I felt: the teams on site aren’t just incredibly competent – they exude a passion that leaves me feeling really optimistic about our shared future.

How important is it to you to visit projects in person?

It certainly makes a difference whether I assess projects from my desk purely based on facts and figures or if I go down there to see for myself. Walking around the site in Dachau, where every stone tells a story, grasping the dimensions, watching the diggers at work and just knowing: something new is being built here. There’s nothing like it.

You sound really enthusiastic …

Absolutely! But I was also excited by the art nouveau building in Haar in the east of Munich: a former clinic we’re turning into a modern, family-friendly neighbourhood. This is another place where we’re linking the past with the future.

Deutsche Wohnen’s core business previously focused on developing its portfolio. Why has the company taken this step to expand its new construction?

There is a severe housing shortage in our core markets – Germany’s growth regions. Quite simply, we need to build more, as cities will continue to grow in future. We take an eco-friendly approach to construction in order to reduce the carbon footprint of our new buildings.

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