More people – more expertise

Deutsche Wohnen, Isaria and QUARTERBACK have joined forces to combine their expertise in new construction. We’d like to introduce four experts whose day job is planning and building residential units for people in Germany.

Michael Gerstner

senior project developer at Isaria since 2016.

“Land acquisition, costing and helping procure plots – that’s a big part of my job. Then there’s securing building approval, along with planning and developing residential and commercial buildings in collaboration with project management and sales. It’s a varied and fulfilling job – partly because you take virtually nothing, like an empty plot or an old industrial site, such as the former paper factory in Dachau, and turn it into new high-quality space to live and work.”

Anna Vetter

project manager for new construction and project development at Deutsche Wohnen since 2017

“As a project manager, I act on behalf of the developer and coordinate planning of new buildings and consultation with authorities and project stakeholders in securing planning permission on our sites. This requires negotiation skills and finding a compromise. My considerations and decisions have an impact on the design of our neighbourhoods and thus on the way we live together in our city in future. This is a lot of responsibility and a great opportunity for me.”

Gudmundur Christian Jónsson

senior project developer at Isaria from 2017 to 2020 and Deutsche Wohnen from 2020

“My remit includes securing planning approval and defining the product, drawing up calculations, feasibility studies and a range of assessments. This involves discussions with the authorities, politicians, residents, users and planners. What I find particularly appealing about my work is developing and implementing ideas for sites and ultimately helping to create a new neighbourhood. That’s how it was at Isaria and remains the case at Deutsche Wohnen.”

Anna Barthmann

architect at QUARTERBACK since 2016

“I develop and design our new projects and prepare them for the authorities as well as for construction. My work involves a lot of creativity, while taking standards and requirements into consideration – which makes it incredibly exciting. No two projects are the same and building new elements into existing structures is a new challenge every single time. The product of these factors is ultimately the architect’s own unique signature.”

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