Brick by brick, project by project

The Marienufer and the new neighbourhood on the site of the former paper factory in Dachau are just two of many new construction projects planned for the months and years to come. There are quite a few others, too. Here are three:

“Repairing the city” in Dresden

The site of Dresden’s Schützengarten was once actually a garden – although there have been no traces of it during the past few decades. Two VEB Energiebau Radebeul high-rise office buildings and one low-rise building made the view a little less lovely. A bunker was built beneath the low-rise building for emergencies during the Cold War. All that is now history, and the old buildings have been demolished – although they didn’t quite end up on the so-called “scrapheap”. Of the approximately 16,500 tonnes of concrete that remained after demolition, about 10,000 tonnes were recycled and reused for the building excavation and roadbuilding. In line with the city’s desire for diverse architecture, Deutsche Wohnen commissioned three architecture firms to plan the new neighbourhood. Perimeter block developments four to seven storeys high will be built around three green courtyards, with 479 residential units and around 2,100 sqm of ground-floor commercial space to breathe new life into local streets.

The project at a glance

A new neighbourhood with residential and commercial units and assisted living, demolition of existing buildings and new construction of 13 buildings

  • Location: central location in the heart of Dresden, walking distance from the Zwinger
  • Number of residential units: 479
  • Start of construction: April 2021
  • Planned completion date: 2024

900 metres from the Elbe: Dresden’s Johannstadt neighbourhood

The Johannstadt neighbourhood in Dresden has an outstanding location in the Saxon capital by the Elbe river and is a popular and well-known area with plenty to offer, including the thrift market. Proximity to the city centre and key local amenities, schools, childcare facilities and the university hospital make it a particularly appealing place to live. A residential building with almost 200 apartments is taking shape here, designed to ease the pressure on the Dresden housing market. Two car-sharing points are planned to ease vehicle traffic in the city. Living roofs not only reflect the parkland behind the site in the architecture – they also help save energy and contribute to climate action.

The project at a glance

New construction of a three-part residential and commercial building

  • Location: Johannstadt in Dresden, right by the Elbe
  • Number of residential units: 195
  • Start of construction: 2020
  • Planned completion date: 2023

A neighbourhood with a campus feel: HOFMARK am Olympiapark

Life on campus is an excellent blueprint for developing a neighbourhood – with a wonderful and thrilling mix of housing, work and leisure in a leafy environment. With the Olympiapark just a stone’s throw away, the district of Milbertshofen in the north of Munich is the perfect spot. The city centre is easy to reach by public transport, while the Olympiapark with its vast green space is ideal for leisure: with events, concerts and countless sports activities right on the doorstep. The neighbourhood is also home to 18,000 sqm of modern office space for innovative, creative and active work. The neighbourhood also has its own childcare facility, charging stations for electric cars and bikes, shops, restaurants and local amenities.

The project at a glance

A new neighbourhood with residential units, office space, restaurants and childcare facilities

  • Location: Central location in the north of Munich, close to the Olympiapark
  • Number of residential units: 216
  • Start of construction: 2020
  • Planned completion date: 2022

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