Our employees look for opportunities

Starting an ideas competition is an exciting project: what suggestions have you received? How many are submitted? How many can be put into practice? The opportunists competition at Deutsche Wohnen was impressive proof that our employees like to take part: no fewer than 118 ideas were sent in.

It’s great when a plan works out: the opportun­ists competition was launched to involve the employees in shaping the future of their company. The suggestions that were sent in differed hugely, ranging from practical ideas and plans for social outreach projects, and the optimisation of processes and products, to strategic ideas for improving customer and employee satisfaction.

It wasn’t easy to choose between them, but it had to be done. One of the first activities resulting from a prize­-winning suggestion was put into practice in 2019. In cooperation with the charity DKMS we carried out a screening session to encourage the employees to donate stem cells to help fight leukaemia. This will be followed in 2020 by a blood donor session in cooperation with the Red Cross – both of these projects help people in great distress.

Among the prize­-winning suggestions were some very practical ideas for improving approval and archival processes. These are now also being put into practice and will make everyday work much easier.

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