Plenty of confidence, and a few tips for how we can do better

There are many reasons why a company is financially successful. Among the most important is with­out doubt its employees. So we do our best to ensure that they have the knowledge, the motivation and the good health they need to do their work. And to make sure we are on the right track with our personnel policies, we conduct regular staff surveys, as we did again in 2019. This survey was initiated by Stephanie Krumnow, Director Human Resources and Organisational Development.

Ms Krumnow, do you have good news for us?

I’m pleased to say I do! 95% of the managers and roughly 70% of the total employees would recommend Deutsche Wohnen as a place to work. What is also very gratifying is that 89% of the workforce say we are good at welcoming new recruits on board. And the opinion of managers has improved again, with 72% of respond­ents saying that their own managers can deal with conflicts.

About 71% of the employees took part in the survey. That is very high. So, there will certainly be some things that can be done even better?

Indeed, and they mainly concern the flow of information between the different organisational units. A large majority of respondents would like to see more and better information. That is something we will keep working on.

The year 2019 saw sometimes very heated debates about the market for rental housing. Certainly, that also has an impact on the employees?

Unfortunately that is true, and about half the respondents are concerned for the company’s reputation. On the other hand, the employees also support the practice of engaging in dialogue with people. More than 80% are confident that the Management Board of Deutsche Wohnen is leading the company sustainably and competi­tively. After the past 12 months that is an enormous demonstration of trust.

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