The Deutsche Wohnen magazine

We build on our responsibility

In conversation

An apartment is much more than just a normal asset. A person’s life centres around their home, and does so throughout their life. As a provider of housing we have a responsibility towards the people who live in our properties. We take this seriously and so seek to communicate with all our stakeholders.

On the building side

Preserve and protect old features and ready them carefully for the future – that is how we go about modernising our estates. When we construct new buildings we want to set standards by showing how forward-looking contemporary housing can be. Because refurbishment and new buildings have one big thing in common: climate action.

At work

Deutsche Wohnen has a diverse portfolio. Equally diverse are the people who have made their home with us. Some are older, some are younger. Some live alone, some with their family, and others in a flat-share or nursing facility. One thing they have in common is certain standards for their accommodation. Deutsche Wohnen does its best to meet these standards. Or more precisely, the people who work for us do – using their engagement and motivation.

In future

The future of housing is closely related to the topics of sustainability and climate action. We consider that we have a responsibility here, and want to play an active role in shaping this future. In this context, digitalisation can be an opportunity for sustainable, modern and communal housing. Challenges lie ahead, however, which we can only tackle along with others. To make housing sustainable, what is needed is therefore primarily a clear commitment to cooperation, as well as a far-sighted approach.