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A climate of

When it comes to climate action in housing, the dilemma between climate action and living costs inevitably comes up. This dilemma poses a crucial question: how can effective climate action in Germany be funded in a socially responsible way? We’ve designed a concept that’s been welcomed in many areas. In short, it’s all about protecting our climate and our tenants.

Sustainability Report 2020 of Deutsche Wohnen

Keeping tomorrow in view – this is what all of our actions today are about. Our responsibility to the future is the guide for our decisions in the here and now with regard to our employees, our tenants, our properties, and climate protection. We want to enable people to live and flourish together in their homes by making people’s satisfaction and an intact environment our top priority.

Building with

Building new homes isn’t enough. We need to build better, for tomorrow and beyond – that’s the key to our future. We’re taking new paths with new partners who share our goals for sustainability and energy efficiency. We want to create neighbourhoods people love to live in.