More caretakers.
More service.
More satisfaction.

Anyone who takes a walk around the Falkenhagener Feld estate with caretaker Sebastian Maaß quickly notices that Maaß is very popular in the neighbourhood. People wave to him, nod and smile. That also has something to do with a large-scale experiment …

The pilot project “Your Caretaker on the Estate” goes back to the 2017 tenant survey. Customers of Deutsche Wohnen had three main wishes: a contact person on the estate, greater security and a cleaner environment. A caretaker can provide all that, on condition that she or he has three things: time, local knowledge and a customer perspective. Nadine Degen, Head of Deutsche Wohnen Kundenservice GmbH for the Berlin region, explains: “The caretakers review the work carried out by our service providers soon after they have finished using digital check-lists and can log any problems on the spot with their tablet PCs. So if the grass hasn’t been cut, for instance, or parts of the staircase weren’t cleaned.” The caretakers also pay more attention to the state of the grounds and remove any litter directly. They are also responsible for the cleanliness of the bin areas. And at the same time the caretakers are a point of contact on site. “Lots of tenants like being able to ask me something or give me a call”, adds caretaker Sebastian Maaß, “and then I take care of it.” Despite the digital support, this “taking care of it” also takes time. So four additional caretakers have now joined the existing six at the Falkenhagener Feld estate.

“With this pilot project we have successfully combined some important things: we now meet our customers’ expectations as they arise and in high quality, and they really appreciate that”, says Nadine Degen. So it’s no surprise that all our estates in Berlin will have more caretakers like Sebastian Maaß in future, on the basis of their individual requirements.