The intelligent assistant is making good progress

“MiA – my intelligent assistant” first saw the light of day, metaphorically speaking, back in 2017. It has now come a long way towards making our housing smarter, and above all, more energy-efficient.

“With MiA we are taking a decisive step towards the digital home of the future and are also combining work and pleasure”, is how Holger Rentel, Director Deutsche Wohnen, sums up the benefits of the smart tool. “Technical housing solutions like this enhance the quality of our customer service and at the same time reinforce our position as an innovative company in this space.”

In the reporting year a large-scale field trial with a total of 3,000 residential units was launched, with the aim of using energy more efficiently and reducing the costs to our customers. At the heart of the project is the MiA gateway, a tablet computer with a touch screen. It makes it possible to control the thermostats on the radiators centrally, and also individually by our customers, and on a mobile basis. In the future, MiA should be able to do even more: measure the air quality in the room, for instance, or remind customers to air the apartment.

In the reporting year MiA was announced and presented personally to the first customers. There were some reservations, not surprisingly. People had lived very comfortably in the apartment beforehand, after all, without the digital assistant. “So we organised some information events about MiA for our customers. In two days we had about 120 visitors to our first event in the Service Point Prenzlauer Berg on the Carl-Legien estate”, says Holger Rentel. After the event most of the concerns had been answered. And by the end of the year some 400 of the smart assistants had been installed.