How green is my alley

Back to Berlin, in the green area management department at Deutsche Wohnen’s office in the Mecklenburgische Straße. Angelika Frommer and her six co-workers here know that “the grounds make the product too, because these established gardens are a vital aspect of housing quality”. They are also important because they provide a habitat for insects and wild flowers and additionally are important for the ground water. “Sustainable grounds management means that everything should live for as long as possible and only seldom need replacing”, Frommer explains. A tree can generally live for 60 years, whereas bushes and shrubs can last for 30. With paths it is similar: a gravel path has to be renewed every couple of years, whereas the new surfaces are just as permeable for rainwater, but are mixed with epoxy resin and so last much longer. That is more sustainable. In 2018 all the gardens at Deutsche Wohnen were recorded in a georeferential cadastral database so that all grounds management processes can be optimised on an ongoing basis.

Interview with Angelika Frommer