There is also a short video of how the mural was created

High-rise art

Since last autumn, passers-by in the Manteuffelstraße in Berlin-Kreuzberg have been met with a new sight when they look up. It is a mural that decorates what used to be a rather sad piece of wall. The work, which is now one of three, was created in cooperation with Die Dixons from
Berlin Art Bang e.V. They chose the artist Tank for Deutsche Wohnen and supervised the work. They are also known for their temporary art project THE HAUS and the Berlin Mural Festival. A mural needs a lot of paint, of course; really a lot, as Kimo from Die Dixons explains: “Between 120 and 150 cans of spray paint and then another 30 litres of wall paint.” Kimo is one of the three characters behind Die Dixons, along with Jörni and Bolle. He is enthusiastic about the partnership with Deutsche Wohnen: “We had full artistic freedom and we were always treated as equals.” And that is not the end of it either: on the contrary, it has already been decided to continue the collaboration in 2019 on an even bigger and more varied scale.

Interview with Kimo