Asking, listening and taking action

Finding out whether our customers are satisfied is important to us. That’s why 2021 saw us ask our tenants what they liked and what they thought we could improve on for the fourth time. In 2021, we were delighted to score highly once again.

The Tenant Survey obtains tenants’ views on various aspects concerning their own homes, their living environment and ourselves as a landlord. The aim is to keep improving services for our tenants. For the representative survey, we contacted around 31,000 households across Germany by post in 2021. There were also around 3,700 digital surveys. Around 34% of those we contacted took the opportunity to share their opinions with us. The digital sample revealed a returns rate as high as 42%.


Consistently high achievers

We were delighted to receive positive scores in 2021 once again, as in recent years. Specifically, around 86% of tenants were happy with their individual homes – in 2020, this figure was 88%. Around 81% of tenants are happy with Deutsche Wohnen on the whole. In 2020, 82% said the same. We’re also pleased that tenants noticed improvements in cleanliness for the third time running. This was also evident in the score for outdoor spaces for Deutsche Wohnen buildings. These figures rose from 66.1% to 68.5% in 2021. That’s a rise of 2.4 per cent. In our respondents’ opinion, maintenance of the outdoor and green spaces had improved considerably, seeing an increase in satisfaction levels from 61.9% to 66.3%.

The 2021 survey also shows that measures taken in recent years, such as switching services and enhanced quality control and assurance, have us on the right track. Around two years ago, Deutsche Wohnen also launched the initiative “A new home for bees”. This allows residents to apply for their outdoor spaces to be made bee-friendly. As part of the initiative, 31,200 square metres of green space has already been adapted.


Specific measures from the survey

We draw on the survey results to make specific improvements to processes and services for our customers. Accordingly, we responded to the desire for more bike racks and launched the “5,000 bike racks in five years” initiative in 2021.

We also took comments on issues and complaints taking too long to be dealt with to heart. To allow us to respond more swiftly, we enhanced our digital customer portal and centralised our customer service operations. The Customer Service Centre includes a Feedback Management division that deals with complex queries. Of course, there are still people available to contact on site. Now, however, they can focus more closely on local issues and developing our neighbourhoods.


Satisfaction with Deutsche Wohnen

81% are (very) satisfied with Deutsche Wohnen as a landlord | Percentage figures

Satisfaction with their home

86% are (very) satisfied with their home | Percentage figures


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