Deutsche Wohnen
goes digital

It is no longer correct to talk about a trend towards digitalisation: in many fields of life it is already there! In our living rooms, when we travel, in offices and doctors’ surgeries – just to mention a few examples. In the property industry a lot of people think digitalisation still means data processing equipment for tenancy agreements and heating bills. Of course, that is one aspect of digital property management, but it also means so much more. It already makes housing better today – for everyone involved.

Service is an important, a vital word in connection with digitalisation. One example: visiting an apartment. Previously you had to make an appointment just to get a first impression. In the not too distant future it will be very different: with the Berlin-based company VRnow, which also specialises in 360°, 3D and VR property viewing. Anyone interested in an apartment
can look at it whenever they want. And all from their own PC, with their smartphone or with VR goggles in the Deutsche Wohnen showroom.

The software from VRnow uses an algorithm based on artificial intelligence to record architectural information about the apartment from scans of the floor plans. The technology recognises the number and size of the rooms and other details, like the number of windows and doors and even the furnishings – all fully automatically and within just a few minutes. The information gained from the image recognition makes it possible to answer key questions
relating to asset and facility management.
We have held a stake in VRnow since September 2018 and are now gathering experience in the technologies that will shape the markets of tomorrow.

Digital floor plans provide the basis for virtual applications

Dr Marcus Eilers
Managing Director Corporate Development & Strategy

“One of our first projects will be to digitalise the floor plans of our roughly 164,000 apartments.”