A look at the market.
A look at ourselves

New housing construction

1.1 million residential units are lacking in Germany, especially in conurbations.1 With new building and densification we help to create housing, especially where it is most urgently needed.



90% of real estate companies in Germany do not count themselves among the digital leaders.2 Deutsche Wohnen is investing massively in digital innovations that give our customers higher quality housing.


Attractiveness as an employer

55% of companies in the German real estate and residential property segment complain about a lack of specialist staff.3 Deutsche Wohnen recruited 275 employees in 2018 alone.


Modern work

52% of the real estate companies in Germany reject office planning concepts that encourage creativity.4 Deutsche Wohnen has converted 2,150 m2 of its administrative premises into an open-plan office.



28% of the population will be over 65 years of age in 2030.5 So we are creating new places for nursing care and assisted living: